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What is 


Start-Up-Cycle is a Challenge Platform launched by the John Keells Group’s Social entrepreneurship Project – Plasticcycle, in collaboration with John Keells X – the Group’s Startup Accelerator, and John Keells Research – the Group’s R&D and Innovation arm. It aims to provide Sri Lankan innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their implementable solutions to address the reduction of plastic pollution in the country. Start-Up-Cycle will provide problem statements from Sri Lankan businesses, relating to their challenges in reducing plastic usage and waste, to seek innovative implementable long-term solutions. Start-Up-Cycle aims to nurture and support selected entrepreneurs and innovators as they incubate and develop their ideas while acting as a driving force for change, inspiring innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit among participants by fostering and empowering the next generation of change-makers, all while striving to create a diverse ecosystem of solutions to combat plastic pollution in Sri Lanka.

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Plastic Problem 

In Sri Lanka

Plastic pollution is a significant issue worldwide. Plastic does not dissolve over time, but they break down into smaller particles known as Micro Plastics. Microplastics are in air, soil, water, and food. It is everywhere and hence it is in our blood as well.  A publication by the Ministry of Environment and Sri Lanka Medical Association has shown that we ingest 5 grams of plastic per week. That is equivalent to the size of a bank ATM card. In the context of Sri Lanka, in numbers; Sri Lanka currently imports 300,000 MT/Per annum of virgin plastic raw materials. From this the plastic waste generation per day is 938 MT. You’ll be surprised to know that Sri Lanka recycles only 38 MT of plastic waste per day, that is only 4% of the total plastic waste generation. Therefore, close to 96% of the plastic waste is dumped, burnt or discarded into our waterways.



Start up Funding

You will receive a substantial financial infusion totaling up to Rs. 10 Million, allocated over two years. This funding commitment is designed to provide sustained support and resources to fuel the selected initiatives and endeavours during this period. With this substantial capital injection, the selected innovators will have the financial backing necessary to drive your projects forward, foster growth, and achieve your objectives over the course of the next two years.

Training & Support

Start-Up-Cycle has planned specialised training to guide shortlisted innovators in navigating the path ahead, complemented by mentorship from industry experts in Finance, Legal, Business Processes, and Research. Additionally, to the challenge platform will equip you with essential resources, including furnished office spaces throughout the training period, to facilitate the successful launch and/or growth of your business.

Value Network

Selected innovators will receive the opportunity to engage with diverse aspects of the John Keells Group’s network. This may include the utilisation , distribution channels and operational frameworks. Having Sri Lanka’s largest listed conglomerate support, you in this journey significantly streamline the process of attracting customers, investors, and skilled professionals to your venture.



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Deadline for Submission22nd September 2023 12:00 Midnight

For Inquiries contact Pasan – 070-332-8808 or Haritha – 0703313886