Plasticcycle Sri Lanka
Plasticcycle Sri Lanka

Where Can I Responsibly Dispose My Plastic?

Whether you are an organization with a large number of employees, a customer at a Supermarket, a resident at a housing complex or even a student from a School, Plasticcycle strives to continuously improve the availability of avenues for responsible disposal of plastic waste by placing collections bins at convenient locations around you. Plasticcycle has partnered with the Sri Lanka Recyclers Association and manufacturing companies such as Eco-Spindles (a subsidiary of BPPL Holdings PLC) to manufacture value-added products from used plastics, such as plastic monofilaments used for cleaning tools and yarn for fabric manufacturers worldwide, ensuring that the recyclable plastic waste handed over to us is responsibly recycled. Use our bin locator below to find the closest Plasticcycle bin to you.

Plasticcycle Sri Lanka Plasticcycle Sri Lanka
Plasticcycle Sri Lanka

John Keells Holdings PLC - Head Office Private Bins - Colombo 02

Ceylon Cold Stores Office Private Bins - Colombo 02

John Keells Holdings - Vauxhall Street Private Bins - Colombo 02

Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo Private Bins - Colombo 02

Sivasubramania Swami Kovil Private Bins - Colombo 02

Kompannavidiya Railway Station Public Bins - Colombo 02

On320 Residencies Private Bins - Colombo 02

Empire Residencies Private Bins - Colombo 02

Ceylon Cold Stores Manufacturing Plant Private Bins - Colombo 02

Marine Environment Protection Authority Private Bins - Colombo 02

Crow Island Beach Park Public Bins - Crow Island Beach Park

University of Sri Jayewardenepura Private Bins - Nugegoda

University of Ruhuna Private Bins - Matara

Elephant Orphanage - Pinnawala Public Bins - Rambukkana

Dehiwala Zoological Garden Public Bins - Dehiwala

Ridiyagama Safari Park Public Bins - Hambantota

Keells Union Place Public Bins - Colombo 02

Keells Maharagama Public Bins - Maharagama

Keells Moratuwa 2 (KZone)Public Bins - Moratuwa

Keells Moratuwa 3 St Peter's RoadPublic Bins - Moratuwa

Keells Thalahena Public Bins - Thalahena

Keells Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte Public Bins - Kotte

Keells Boralesgamuwa Public Bins - Boralesgamuwa

Keells Kottawa 1 Public Bins - Kottawa

Keells Dehiwala Public Bins - Dehiwala

Keells Nugegoda Public Bins - Nugegoda

Keells Arangala Public Bins -Arangala

Keells Pannipitiya Public Bins - Pannipitiya

Keells Ratmalana Public Bins - Ratmalana

Keells Kesbewa Public Bins - Kesbewa

Keells Kohuwala 2" Public Bins - Nugegoda

Keells Homagama Public Bins - Homagama

Keells Nikape Mawatha Public Bins - Bellanivila

Keells Pittugala Public Bins - Pittugala

Keells Maharagama 2 Public Bins - Maharagama

Keells Gothatuwa Public Bins - Gothatuwa

Keells Thalawathugoda Public Bins - Thalawathugoda

Keells Kotahena Public Bins - Kotahena

Keells Godagama Public Bins - Godagama

Keells Thimbirigasyaya Public Bins -

Keells Attidiya Public Bins - Attidya

Keells Panadura Public Bins - Panadura

Keells Panadura 2 Public Bins - Panadura

Keells Panadura 3 Public Bins - Panadura

Keells Wellampitiya Public Bins - Wellampitiya

SE - Kadawatha Exit Public Bins - Kadawatha

SE - Kothalawala Exit Public Bins - Kadawatha

SE - Kaduwela Exit Public Bins - Kaduwela

SE - Nilwala Gate Public Bins - Matara

SE - Godagama Exit Public Bins - Godagama

SE - Kurudugaha-Hetamma Exit Public Bins - Kurudugahahetamma

BOI - Biyagama Export Processing Zone (Exits) Public Bins - Biyagama

Keells Piliyandala Public Bins - Piliyandala

Glandale Housing Scheme Private Bins - Battaramulla

Keells - Kalalgoda Public Bins - Kalalgoda

Keells Athurugiriya Public Bins - Athurugiriya

Keells Panadura 2 Public Bins - Panadura

SE - Athurugiriya Exit Public Bins - Athurugiriya

SE - Kottawa Exit Public Bins - Kottawa

SE - Kahathuduwa Exit Public Bins - Kahathuduwa

SE - Gelanigama Exit Public Bins - Gelanigama

SE - Dodangoda Exit Public Bins - Dodangoda

SE - Welipenna Service Area Public Bins - Welipenna

SE - Welipenna Exit Public Bins - Welipenna

SE - Baddegama Exit Public Bins - Baddegama

SE - Pinnaduwa Exit Public Bins - Galle

SE - Imaduwa Exit Public Bins - Galle

SE - Kokmaduwa Exit Public Bins - Kokmaduwa

Keells Kottawa 2 Public Bins - Kottawa

Keells Embuldeniya Public Bins - Embuldeniya

Keells Raththanapitiya Public Bins - Raththanapitiya

Keells Bandaragama Public Bins - Bandaragama

Waste Less Arugam Bay Private Bins - Arugambay

Keells Kesbewa 2 Public Bins - Kesbewa

K Zone Ja-Ela Public Bins - Ja-Ela

Sugathadasa Stadium Public Bins - Colombo 14

High Octane Fitness Private Bins - Kohuwala

OCH - Kerevalapitiya Interchange Public Bins - Kerawalapitiya

OCH - Kerevalapitiya Exit Public Bins - Kerawalapitiya

OCH - Kadawatha Exit Public Bins - Kadawatha

Keells - Darley Road Public Bins - Colombo 01

Keells - Akkuregoda Public Bins - Akkuregoda

Keells - Piliyanda 2 (Dolekanatta) Public Bins - Piliyandala

Community Center - Slave Island Public Bins - Slave Island

Laugfs Supermarket - Moratuwa Public Bins - Moratuwa

Laugfs Supermarket - Pepiliyana Public Bins - Pepiliyana

Laugfs Supermarket - Kesbewa Public Bins - Kesbewa

Laugfs Supermarket - Rajagiriya Public Bins - Rajagiriya

Softlogic Glomark Supermarket - Delkanda Public Bins - Delkanda

Softlogic Glomark Supermarket - Nawala Public Bins - Nawala

Softlogic Glomark Supermarket - Kottawa Public Bins - Kottawa

SE - Mattala Exit Public Bins - Mattala

SE - Hambantota Exit Public Bins - Hambantota

SE - Sooriyawewa Exit Public Bins - Sooriyawewa

National Film Corporation – Colombo Public Bins - Colombo 07

Sarasavi Film Studio – Kelaniya Private Bins - Kelaniya

Ella Railway Station Public Bins - Ella

Pinnawala Zoo (පින්නවල සත්වෝද්‍යානය) Public Bins - Pinnawala

Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium Private Bins - Kohuwala

Austasia Sports & Leisure Club Public Bins - Thalawathugoda

Hemas Hospital - ThalawathugodaPublic Bins - Wattala

Keells Hokandara Public Bins - Hokandara

Hemas Hospital - Wattala Public Bins - Wattala

Keells - Awissawella Public Bins - Awissawella

Fingara Town & Country Club Public Bins - Borelasgamuwa 

Mount Lavinia Railway Station  Public Bins - Mount Lavinia

Hendry Pedris Basketball CourtPublic Bins - Havelock Town

Beddagana Wetland ParkPublic Bins - Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

RMV -WeraheraPublic Bins - Boralesgamuwa

Horizon CollegePrivate Bins - Malabe

Keells – Vidyala JunctionPublic Bins - Hokandara

Misfits Arena sport complexPublic Bins - Boralesgamuwa

SE - Aparakka ExitPublic Bins - Aparakka

SE - Beliatta Exit Public Bins - Beliatta

SE - Kasagala Exit Public Bins - Kasagala

SE - Agunakolapalassa ExitPublic Bins - Agunakolapalassa

SE - Barawakumbuka Exit Public Bins - Watiya

Apeksha Hospital -MaharagamaPublic Bins - Maharagama

Vidura College ThalawathugodaPublic Bins - Thalawathugoda

Millennium City housing scheme, AthurugiriyaPublic Bins - Athurugiriya

Nawaloka Hospital, Colombo 2Public Bins - Colombo 2

Uni Sports Center, No:06, 1st Lane, KirulaponePublic Bins - Kirulapone

Uni Sport Center, No: 03, Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 03Public Bins - Colombo 03

GlowMark Supermarket – Colombo-07Public Bins - Colombo 07

Rakna RestaurantPublic Bins - Thalapathpitiya Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte

NSBM Green UniversityPublic Bins - NSBM Green University, Mahenwaththa, Pitipana, Homagama

Print Felix Pereira and SonsPublic Bins - Alexandra Place , Colombo 7

Summer Empire ApartmentsPublic Bins - Fredrica Road, Wellawatte , Colombo 06

Leisure World Seethawaka, Kaluaggala, Hanwalla, Sri Lanka

Seethawaka Botanical Garden – Wet Zone Puwakpitiya Road ,Ilukovita Avissawella, Sri Lanka

ZeroTrash recyclable plastic collection center Public Bins - Boralasgamuwa

Keells Nalluruwa Public Bins - Modarawila

Keells GorakanaPublic Bins - Dharmapala Mawatha

Villa Public Bins - Dehiwala

Keells Super-Maharagama 03 Public Bins - Maharagama 03

Lotus Grove 1 Private Bins - Mount Lavinia

SSC Ground Public Bins - Mount Lavinia

Jayasinghe Hall Public Bins - Mount Lavinia

Eden Gardens Public Bins - Mount Lavinia

Bernards Business Park Public Bins - Mount Lavinia

Nisaco Mall Athurugiriya Public Bins - Athurugiriya

Sky Gardens Rajagiriya Private Bins - Rajagiriya

Nallathanniya Adam’s peak bridge Public Bins - Nallathanniya

Nallathanniya Police Public Bins - Nallathanniya

Nallathanniya Buddhist Center Public Bins - Nallathanniya

Nallathanniya Vehicle Park Public Bins - Nallathanniya

Havelock City – Peterson Tower Private Bins - Havelock City

Havelock City – Edmonton Tower Private Bins - Havelock City

Polymath College - Maharagama Private Bins - Maharagama

Prime Residencies Kiribathgoda Private Bins - Kiribathgoda

Beddagana Judges’ Housing Complex Private Bins - Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Indra Traders Workshop Peliyagoda Private Bins - Peliyagoda

Ramadia Ranmal Holiday Resort Moratuwa Private Bins - Moratuwa