“Bin-novate ‘22” is a bin design competition organized by Plasticcycle - the social entrepreneurship project of John Keells Group, aimed at designing the ideal recyclable plastic waste collection bin, to be placed on the Sri Lankan coastal belt.

Plasticcycle aims to generate ideas from all those residing in Sri Lanka, on the ideal design and materials for a bin to withstand beach conditions and hope to encourage the general public to take a step towards the reduction of plastic pollution and increase awareness on the negative impact of plastic pollution on our environment.

Participants can enter the competition under any one of the three age categories and prizes will be distributed accordingly.

While one winning design will be selected from each category, should a submitted design be used as is, to manufacture the Plasticcycle Beach Bin, the designer will receive due recognition for the design.

Rules and Conditions for Bin-novate ‘22

  1. Applicants will compete in any of the following three age categories.
    • 8-13 yrs.
    • 14-19 yrs.
    • Over 20 years.
  2. Is required to submit a design of a bin to collect at minimum 50kg of recyclable plastic waste and can withstand beach conditions.
  3. Material used for the bin design must be mentioned and specified where necessary and more weightage will be given to designs that use upcycled or recycled materials.
  4. Format to send the design are as follows:
    • Between 8-13: - Coloured Drawing, (3-Dimensional drawing would have more weightage)
    • Between 14-19: - Coloured 3D Drawing, with dimensions, Photoshop or other software’s may be used, if necessary, Submissions can be done as physical Drawings or in digital Format as well.
    • Over 20 years - Submissions will be accepted in digital form and Hand drawn drawings only. Ex: Auto CAD, 3DS max, Autodesk maya, SketchUp 3D and any other software that can be used to render 3D objects.
    • If Scan/image – JPEG, PNG, and PDF only.
    • If Physical image – A4 sheet.
    • If digital copy – PDF Only.
  5. Specifications for submissions: -
    • All submissions must have space for the Plasticcycle logo and bin sponsor and partner logos.
    • Submissions of the bin are to be done in all angles i.e., front view, Left side view, Right side view and back view.
    • For the 20 years and above category participants the dimensions of the Bin must be clearly mentioned.
  6. Plagiarism will be strictly monitored and by entering into the competition, each applicant declares to submit only their own work.
  7. The eligibility criteria for this competition are limited to those who are residing in Sri Lanka.
  8. Deadline for submissions on midnight of 12th of May 2022.
  9. If you’re selected as a winner, you will be asked to present the original physical copy of the artwork done in order to claim your prize.
  10. If you’re selected as a winner and your design is used to produce a Plasticcycle Beach Bin, the designer will receive due recognition for the design but the sole ownership of the bin shall remain with the sponsor entirely.
  11. How to submit?
    • Via Email - to [email protected] as an attachment with the Subject Binnovate 2022. Pls mention your name, contact number and the age category you are competing in on the body of the email.
    • Via registgered post – Please post it to the following address and include your name, contact number and the age category you are competing in on the reverse.

    • Haritha Walgampaya,
      Branding and Communications, Executive – Plasticcycle,
      John Keells Holdings PLC,
      No. 117, Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha,
      Colombo 02.
  12. For further information contact.
    • Haritha Walgampaya - 070 331 3886
      Pasan Senadheera - 070 332 8808

Download Rules and Conditions